Closet Memoirs #5: I Left My (H)e(A)r(T) in Hollywood


Once upon a time in Hollywood… my favorite hat went missing. The hat that was a destined Closet Memoirs star whose life was cut too short. (Adding the drama because, well… HOLLYWOOD.)

I’d like to think of myself as a responsible person. I usually keep a pretty close eye on my belongings seeing I have this ridiculous, storytelling-based emotional attachment to them. However, in the case of this very special hat… all responsibility has been thrown out the window. It’s no wonder it decided to part ways with me after a handful of wild adventures together.

A couple of springs ago I got to spend a few days in Texas working on a very special photoshoot for one of our big work campaigns. It was 3 days, 5 photoshoots and a whole lot of responsibility. It was beautiful chaos. The trip began a little stress-ridden seeing my co-worker and I were in charge of making this shoot run smoothly and also the fact that we flew out in the middle (and trust me, I mean MIDDLE) of an uncontrollable March snowstorm. I still can’t believe they let us on the plane. After an anxiety-ridden flight, we finally landed safely in sunny Houston and felt a sigh of relief. And to our surprise… everything went rather smooth after that! After a day and a half in Houston, we headed 5 hours north to Dallas where we finally had a blip of downtime.

While wandering downtown I did a double-take as we passed a Buffalo Exchange aka my favorite thrift store in New York. I thought we only had them here! I went in just to “browse” (which is never the case) and left with a handful of new belongings. One of which, was my magical hat. It was a little funky, a little retro, and made my ears poke out a bit, but I LOVED it. I had been on the hunt for one like it for months. This became a part of my everyday wardrobe through the following fall and winter. Wearing it back in New York made me feel a little Devil Wears Prada-ish, and on the bad days… made me look kind of like a chimney sweep straight out of Mary Poppins, but we’ll skip over that part. Trip #1 for the hat was complete. From Dallas to NYC, we made it back in one piece, sans snowstorm.

Fast forward about 6 months for hat trip #2. My best friend, Will came to visit from Colorado. After a long weekend adventuring around New England (with my hat ON), it somehow slipped through the cracks of his car where he found it before boarding his flight back to Vail, CO. So, there the hat went. Off to the mile high state and soon shipped back to NYC in a comfy little box. The hat was safe once again.

Fast forward again to another work trip 6 months later. This was my hat’s 3rd and final adventure. This time? Los Angeles. In my mind, this hat was an essential part of the L.A. wardrobe I had put together. I was going for a mature Mary-Kate and Ashley/early 2000’s J-Lo vibe; lip gloss, hoops and all. “Very L.A.” I thought. Well… L.A. didn’t think so.

On the 2nd night of our stay in L.A., my coworker, and dear friend, Shannon treated me to one of those touristy Hollywood bus excursions. It was amazing! I saw all of the corny things I wanted. Leonardo DiCaprio’s mansion, Beverly Hills, Pulp Fiction film locations, Sunset Boulevard, you name it! I was in a daze. As we exited the bus after the tour we decided to use a hotel bathroom across the street. The hotel was interesting. I didn’t know anything about it but it felt very… “creepy Hollywood”. Don’t get me wrong it was a gorgeous hotel but I just got a weird feeling. Shannon and I both agreed and looked at each other with a funny chill. We felt some sort of dark vibe in there. Maybe I was just all riled up on tour stories of Hollywood murders and ghosts but we agreed that in some parallel universe we could see rockstars causing trouble here. (The 1970s, Rolling Stones sort of trouble, of course.) Though we are a dramatic pair and love to dream and wonder, it felt historic. Needless to say, we got the HECK out of there and made our way to dinner.

Midway through our meal, I went to go readjust my hat only to feel that it wasn’t there. Now, we both could have sworn it was on as we walked to the restaurant. Maybe we were wrong? Either way… there are a few theories here.

Theory 1) I left it on the tour bus and my hat is now touring the Hollywood Hills for the rest of its life. (simple)

Theory 2) I left it in the bathroom of the hotel. (probable)

Theory 3) It was snatched off my head by the ghost of an old rockstar who haunted the hotel, of course. (favorite scenario)

Why theory number 3? After retracing our steps and researching the area to find the name of the hotel, I gave them a call to see if there was any trace of my hat. After they seemed to have no clue what I was talking about I continued down the internet rabbit hole… and, sure enough, the hotel was in fact, a rock and roll hotspot back in the day. Mick Jagger himself used to ride his motorcycle through the hallways, it was also the location of several Hollywood tragedies and suicides. Even part of Almost Famous was filmed there! Wild right? Of course, I like to pretend it was linked to the loss of my hat as it makes for a better story. *wink*

So, hat… wherever you may be. I hope you’re happy! You finally escaped me. And to whoever found you, enjoy!

P.S. For your enjoyment: here is the last known photo of my sweet, sweet hat



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